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Amanda Capazorio, Johannesburg

"Just a quick note to tell you a big THANK YOU from Tino and myself. If we had known it was so easy we would have been on the course a long time ago. After years of battling and almost divorcing this was an absolute breeze to give up and with no stress. WE ARE FREEEEEEE!


Cheryl-lee , Port Elizabeth

"You probably don't remember me but I attended your Session on the 22nd of Jan. I just wanted to tell you that I haven't touched a smoke and Wow yesterday was a month!!!

Thank you thank you thank you, I wouldn't have been able to do it without having been to your session."

Richelle , Johannesburg

"I am VERY HAPPY to inform you that it's been 16 weeks since I intoxicated my
lungs with harmful chemicals!

I have been offered cigarettes, clubbing, drinking wine and doing everything I associated with smoking, and have not once even entertained the idea of lighting up! IN FACT, ALL THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN MORE ENJOYBLE THAN WHEN I WAS SMOKING!

My nicotine monster died a QUICK and painful death and in all honesty, it was a pleasure to feel him die!!

I have truly never been happier and cannot even believe I smoked in the 1st place! To have done it at the age of 23 (after almost 9 years) is officially one of my greatest accomplishments!

I don't smell ghastly from smoke in any way,I breathe better, I am much more awake and all round completely healthy!!!"

Gerhard , East London

"Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the stop smoking course that I attended in East London. I was and still am surprised at how easy it was to stop smoking. After numerous attempts in the past I must admit I was very sceptical beforehand that the Easyway clinic would help me and if I am very honest I might even admit that I was hoping that it would not help as I could not imagine a life without cigarettes.

Thanks to you and the session I think literally my life was saved. I am so grateful and sincerely thank you for helping me with this severe addiction...."

Teresa , Johannesburg

"First of all I would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart. I quit smoking on the 1st November 2008, after attending my 3rd follow up. I battled a bit previously as I had such a strong association with smoking and drinking. My last session was only myself and one other woman.

Thank you so much for your patience! Quitting smoking is one of the BEST things I have ever done. I cannot believe the freedom I feel without the need to constantly be thinking about smoking, making sure I have my cigarettes on me, or that I have enough for the night!

I sometimes get into a lift or something and can smell that someone has been smoking, and cannot believe that is what I smelt like for most of my adult life."

Mariette Van der spuy, Johannesburg

"I'm going to one of your sessions on saturday, I'm excited but also scared. The testimonials I read here gives me hope and I'm looking forward to saturday."

Debbie Janse van Rensburg, Johannesburg

"Also wont remember me but its been 1yr and 7months since I stopped smoking Allen Carr is the best method ever. First 2 weeks were very hard but got through it and its been 1yrs 7months attended a course in Pretoria so very happy I will recommend it to any smoker go and try its worth it smoking was just a trap and not a habit got over this ugly addiction If I see someone smoke it doesnt look nice stop now "

Khomotso,paul, Mashampa, Johannesburg

"Oh thank god i have manage 2 defeat that devil who has been harming and destroying my entire life,,and its thanks to sessions i have attend with your team.,oh gosh i cant believe i am free from smoking,surely life feels so good without worrying about any smokes or what am i going to smoke tonight and the day after...i have a message 2 all smokers world wide,quit smoking now its never two late two quit..smoking can surely take your life.,stay alert and stay alive..smoking can n will kill you."

Jennifer Molwantwa, Johannesburg

"I am so happy so free...i try to share my experience with my fellow friends that still smoke...there is nothing to fear, there is no more struggle or worry about the next smoke...i can now honestly say i smoked 12 cigarrettes a day and am now glad to be an ex smoker...i always use to lie and say it was less than 8...who could admit to more. i have more time with my kids and enjoy every moment. THANKS EASYWAY!!!"

Jill Edwards, Cape Town

"This is so easy it is unbelievable. I have been without smokes for 7 months with my husband. We are happy and will never. Look back! Thank-you allen carr! "

Natalie Johnstone, Johannesburg

"I have been going strong for almost 3 years now and loving it. It is like I have never smoked... and I smoked for 17 years. Thank you to Allen Carr and Charles Nel who was my therapist that wonderful Saturday morning!!!"

Nico Heerschap, Cape Town

"I read the book about four years ago.I am a Police officer with high stress levels.I was given this book by one of my fellow police officers.We are a group of police friends who have stopped smoking because we read your book.If it is possible for eight police members, in different units to stop smoking one after the other,then it is possible for anyone else to stop killing yourself.This book is a life saver.Thank you Mr Carr."

Kobus de vries, Cape Town

"Dis ongelooflik gedink ek sal nooit op hou rook nie . Ek kry nie eers lus vir dit nie .Dankie ek is ook vry !!!!! van die duiwel."

Verlaine Lamprecht, Port Elizabeth

""Feeling great! Attended clinic on 3rd of June this year in Port Elizabeth and had my final cigarette on that day. Thank you Mr. Allen Carr and to Malcolm! Never thought quitting could be this easy! I recommend it to all the smokers I know!"
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Siya Mpumlwana, Port Elizabeth

"Malcolm, Dude you to tell me what you actually did to me during your sessions. I’ve been a full time smoker for eleven years and now not that I hate smoking, I’m OK with smokers(most of my buddies smoker like a diesel locomotive) I just don’t feel like doing it ever again, since the session we had with you. Which is why I ask what the heck did you do to me?

Otherwise am very grateful of your help, I plan to keep on with my kinder healthy life style till whenever.

Thank you very much I’ll keep recommending you to my friends (who claim to non-quitters lol)


Natasha Jackson, Johannesburg

"I have read your book and became a non smoker thanks for setting me free. this book was the best thing that ever happend to me, it freed me from 17 years of beeing held prisoner by the little monster.
Thank you Mr Carr

Ian Adams, Cape Town

"Thank you Allen Carr and Dr Charles Nel for changing my life. I have been free from this addiction for more than a year. I can confidently say that I will never ever touch a cigarette again after 12 years of being a smoker. "

Deirdre Byrne, Johannesburg

"I've been smoking for half my life and was desperate to stop. I read Allen's book, but I didn't grasp everything properly and so could not stop smoking. When Dudley Garner presented his workshop on 10 December 2010 at the Bryanston Country Club, it all fell into place for me. It's been five days now and life is already so much better. I can taste food and drink; I can breathe better already; and I feel so much more confident in myself knowing I am not compelled to smoke.

Dudley was an excellent presenter and he gave it his all. He explained every single detail of the smoking trap and removed every association we might have with smoking.

Since stopping smoking, I have found my life much more inviting, enjoyable and adventurous. Thank you, Dudley - and thank you, Allen Carr. My life is my own again."

Rayonna Rayonna, East London

"I'm not easily imrpessed. . . but that's impressing me! :)"

Lee-Anne , Johannesburg

"It's been over a year since I attended the workshop. I can honestly say that I did not expect it to be so easy. I have never been a non-smoking adult and was smoking more than a box a day. I went straight from the workshop to a party with friends who all smoked and didn't even think about lighting up. I didn't think I'd be free but I am. Thanks a million!"

Liezl Smith, Johannesburg

"I attended your workshop a year ago (29 Jan 2011), and quit smoking after 17 years and numerous attempts at stopping with other methods. I am so pleased to say that I have not smoked since, and that I recommend your method to everyone who wants to quit. "

Craig MacDonald, East London

"Malcolm - I will in all probability never be able to thank you enough.
It is
a year since you assisted me in kicking the most disgusting habit in all of the world. So many thanks my chum

Tania du Plessis, Johannesburg

"I attended the AC workshop on 22 August 09, a month before the birth of my daughter! I cannot thank you enough for my freedom. I am turning 40 in a month' time and I look younger now than what I did when I smoked. And I can breathe and smell and taste! Awesomeness!"

Mike Mullins, East London

"I am so glad I opened my mind to attend this clinic with Malcolm.Its been 4 days and im going strong cant believe how easy and simple a addiction like this can be stopped in one day.Well it can im walking proof.IM A HAPPY NON SMOKER. "

Herman Jordaan, Cape Town

"After smoking more than a packet a day for more than a decade I never thought I would be able to kick the "habit".

Thank you to you and your team. I am freeee and the feeling is awesome!"

Cornelia , Cape Town

"Thank you Charles. I attended the clinic more than a year and a half ago and have not smoked since. There was vicious fight with the monster for about three weeks after the workshop. I won. The feeling of liberation is amazing and I will guard that."

Clint chase, Port Elizabeth

"Smoked for 17 years, tried all different ways to stop smoking but never succeeded. I eventually told myself to give up trying to stop as I was a smoker for life. A friend introduced me to the five cd program by Allen Carr. Killing that little green monster was great. I am finally free! Allen Car you saved my life! THANK YOU!!!"

Julie McLeod, Johannesburg

"thank you, thank you, thank you! It did take a back up session to get me there, but i will never smoke again. Thank you Dudley Garner."

David Vosloo, Johannesburg

"I was a solid ten packs a week smoker before reading the book. I have not had an urge to have a single puff in the last 5 months. It truly is easy to quit using this method. It amazes me how impressed other smokers are with the book because it helped me but they dont read the book themselves. There is nothing to be afraid of. "

Preshen Naidu, Durban

"It's been 4 days now after 21 years of smoking...I feel weird and have various withdrawal symtoms however I cannot for the life of me even picture myself with another ciggarette. Well done Dr. Charles and thank you Allen Carr.

Refuwe Madikoe, Bloemfontein

"I wish that the clinics can reach all the people in our country not only be in big cities.It can realy help and save more lives."

Clinton Rooney, Johannesburg

"I smoked for 23 years, tried everything, did course and quit first time. It has almost been 2 years. If i can do it, anyone can. Thanks again"

Xandra Anderson, Cape Town

"Smoke free since January 2012.

Sandy Wood, Johannesburg

"It's almost 5 Months of not smoking - THANK YOU Dr Charles Nel you are awesome.

I approached the 11th January with trepidation thinking “how do they think they are going to get me to stop smoking in a matter of 5 hours!!” – another waste of time and money. Well at approximately 15h00 on the 11th January I “DID” have my last smoke and have not wanted another one since. Not sure how its done but it works and I would encourage all smokers to take the plunge and just do it – its so much easier than I thought "

Andrew Dalrymple, Durban

"Eight years on and not single cigarette. Life-changing! Life-saving too probably..."

Clayton Sam, Johannesburg

"It has been also most a year now since i have stopped smoking! I went on the session on the 31 August 2012. You always hear people say it was so easy and it was just as easy as people say! If you are skeptical i was too until today i can't believe i haven't had a smoke or even craved one since. I am free of cigarettes!!! "

Gideon Rademeyer, Johannesburg

"Attending the Allen Carr clinic took away the reason I wanted to smoke. I am sincerely grateful to you for freeing my mind from the addiction. I smoked 40+ a day for 15 years. After one session I don't see the point to ever having another smoke. Thanks!!"

Gunther Fouche`, Johannesburg

"I had been a smoker for 18 yrs and tried everything to quit in the last 3 yrs and nothing helped.... until i attended the clinic and experienced how easy it was to stop smoking. I have been out with mates who smoke, and drink and i have not even once had the urge to light up. It almost feels like i have never smoked as i now hate the smell of smoke.
My nicotine monster is DEAD and not missed at all. Thank you for helping to change my life around."

Isobel , Cape Town

"Charles and Allen - you made it so easy. Massive thanks- I really cant believe how easy it has been. 6 weeks now and counting :)"

Liezel , Port Elizabeth

"I read the book, have had it for about 5 years, and read half-way about 4 times. After finishing the book, I cannot believe that I waited that long to actually complete it. I stopped smoking after finishing the book. What a relief, I have been freed from jail! Socially it really is very "uncool" to smoke lately, and non-smokers really do look down on the smokers polluting their own lungs - outside in the cold, LOL.
I now look at smokers and pity them. May every smoker be introduced to Allen Carr, either by seminar or by book."

James Muller, Durban

"Hello Malcolm

It's been over a month now since we visited you in Durban for the stopping smoking clinic and I am proud to say that my father and I are free from the drug, you don't understand the happynes you have given us, what you do is a miracle. My dad is an extreamly successful man and has achieved many things in his life, but to free himself from the drug is by far the greatest, and it is all thanks to you. I don't have to be a doctor to tell that he didn't have much life left if he had continued to smoke, and now already he looks healthier, happier and can still enjoy many more years of life. I myself am so happy to be a non smoker aswell, I am feeling stronger, more energetic and when I play sport I am now able to breathe, its flipped awesome I tell you. You have truly done wonders for our family, I can't believe I ever used to think smoking was cool, all my smoking friends envy me, and you will probably see them soon in your clinic, because people can't believe how easy it is. You perform miricals and I am very glad we visited you, keep up the good work and thanks again.


Yogesh Balipersad, Durban

"Didn't think I would be able to be happy without smoking, truly amazing experience"

Charlene Van Eeden, Johannesburg

"A friend borrowed me the book, after many weeks I finally read it. WOW, I am free since 20 August 2014. Thank you, thank you, thank you"

Lesley , Johannesburg

"It's only been 3 days - no withdrawals!

Loving this "normal" way of life!

Charles, I don't know how this happened but it worked!


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