The Guarantee

The clinics enjoy such a high success rate that we are able to offer a genuine three month money-back guarantee. The only conditions are that the smokers contact us if they are experiencing any problems and that they give us a proper opportunity to get them to stop, by attending the two free scheduled back up sessions, within three months. On arrival at the clinic the smokers are given a written guarantee stating these terms and conditions, which they agree, sign and take with them.

No other smoking cessation product or program has the confidence or is prepared to offer a money-back guarantee like the Easyway Clinics. The fact that we back our product in this way is another reason the Easyway Clinics are unique. It also allows us or anyone recommending one of the clinics to say to any smoker:

"What have you got to lose?"

Our Amsterdam Easyway Clinic has experienced a 5-month waiting list and the Dublin Clinic holds the record with a fifteen-month waiting list only 6 months after opening.